Inspiration: Wicker Pendant Light (+ Our Top Amazon Picks)

Amazon Wicker Pendant Light — Raise your hand if you’re still obsessed with these lights 🙋‍♀️

These have become popular again for a while now, and every time I come across one, I’m instantly drawn to it.

Is it because they give off awesome relaxing, tropical, beachy vibes? It could be.

Is it because they’re kinda nostalgic? It could be. As a child, my mom would rock me in the coolest rattan rocking chair. Awww…the feels 😭

Is it because of their neutral, natural look that instantly creates a calm and serene space? It could be this too.

I also just think they’re really pretty.

I love these for so many reasons. It’s safe to say they’ve entered crush territory.

Do you share in this wicker pendant love? If so, proceed for some dreamy spaces offering up some serious inspo! Psst…you’ll also find some of my favourite finds below, so keep scrolling! 🙃

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Source: L – / R –

Source: L – / R –

Saa-woOoon! amirite?

The other day, I came across one of these beauties on Amazon, and the rest is history! I ended up finding so many gorgeous (and affordable!) ones that I just needed to share with you.

The only problem I’m having now is having to choose just one. I’m not sure which one I like best and I’m currently in search of one for my bedroom. (I suck at making decisions, by the way, but we’ll leave that for another conversation 😊)

So, if you’re also on the lookout for the perfect wicker pendant light? Check out my favourite finds from Amazon below. But, be warned, you may just run into the same problem I’m having!

Bye for now, friends!

xx, Amanda

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