Currently Daydreaming of… A Beach Picnic

I’m currently sitting at my desk and looking out my window to the most gorgeous sunshine. And the softest springtime breeze is gently entering the room. This moment feels totally sweet. Can you tell that I’ve been stuck indoors a LOT lately??! 😆

I know many of us have been home more than usual due to the pandemic. And although I’m incredibly grateful to be able to also work from home, I’m definitely craving the outdoors. I’ve been neglecting this aspect of my self-care, and the sun is calling my name…☀️

What’s funny is I’m actually a total homebody and genuinely enjoy my time at home. But lemme tell ya, there’s just something that happens when that sun starts to shine. There’s nothing like it. Our winters are so loooong here in Canada, so the spring and summer are extra special seasons and oh-so-appreciated.

With sunshine on the brain, I’ve been daydreaming of one of the sweetest ways to spend time outdoors, the beach picnic. How incredible does a beach picnic sound right about now?? Of course, not ACTUALLY right about now since many outdoor spaces are still closed due to COVID-19. But, when it’s finally okay to be out again, wouldn’t this be one of the greatest ways to spend the time??

Just picture it – the warm sunshine above, the soft sand below, the loved ones by your side, and yummy treats in your belly. Ah, it feels like bliss just thinking about it! Full disclosure – I’ve yet to ACTUALLY experience a beach picnic, but it’s sooooo on my bucket list of things I MUST do one day.

What’s one of life’s simple joys that you’re currently daydreaming about??


And if I haven’t convinced you of this whole beach picnic thing yet…just keep scrolling. 🙃

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You’re welcome! 😁 Aren’t these beach picnics just breathtakingly beautiful?!??! 😍😍

Let’s chat! Who’s the first person you’d invite to your beach picnic???


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