9 Favourite Things About Spring

This season makes me happy. There are just so many favourite things about Spring. This time of year does wonders for my motivation, contentment, and overall well-being. I’ve noticed that I experience fewer “bad days,” and my mental health is at its best, during this time of year. And I know I’m not alone – I’m sure there are so many of you out there who feel the same.

With the hopes of celebrating more of what brings us joy, I thought I’d share 9 of my favourite things about spring.

# 1 – The Warmer Weather

Living in Canada has meant that I’ve become accustomed to colder weather. It often feels like 80% of our year is winter, and 20% is summer, with very little in between! Because of our harsh and long winters, that first bit of sunshine and warm breeze feels euphoric. There’s a renewed sense of energy that comes along with it. The warmer weather feels freeing and blissful – and this is one of the BEST things that come along with this awesome season!

# 2 – More Time in Nature

I’m a born and raised city girl and don’t get me wrong, I do love living in the city, but, I sure do crave being in nature from time to time. Few things make me feel calmer, more at peace, and more content than spending time in nature. And studies have shown this to be true! Nature is good for our health and happiness – check out this interesting read from bbc.com for more on nature’s health benefits.

Spring is a wonderful time to spend in nature because you’re surrounded by the beauty of rebirth and new beginnings. The budding branches of the cherry blossom trees, the blooming tulips, the birds that have come out to welcome the new season – are just a few of the incredible things to experience in nature at this time of year.

# 3 – More Quality Time Outdoors

More than being in nature, Spring allows us to simply spend more quality time outdoors. Walking to the grocery store, having brunch on the outdoor patio of your favourite restaurant, window shopping – there’s just so much more to do outdoors!

And from a Canadian who has felt stuck indoors during the frigid air of winter for most of the year, this feels a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Being outdoors, and being able to enjoy it, feels wonderfully freeing.

# 4 – More Daylight = More Productivity

Spring means more daylight (hello daylight savings!), so the days seem longer. And more daylight means more time to get things done, so productivity tends to be at an all-time high at this time of year. Spring brings with it a fresh start, and that feeling does wonders for your productivity.

This time of year is perfect for setting new goals or re-evaluating the ones you’ve made at the beginning of the year. You suddenly feel super motivated and energized to get things done and chase those dreams of yours!

# 5 – More Motivation For a Healthier Lifestyle

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a superfan of the gym. I just can’t seem to feel motivated to work out on a treadmill and stare at the wall the whole time. It doesn’t do it for me. Now, going for a hike, or a simple walk in the park, that’s some exercise I can get into!

Exercise, for me, has to feel fun; otherwise, I know I won’t commit to it. Spring provides the opportunity to be more active in a way that’s enjoyable. Running outdoors while taking in the sights, for instance, is something I can more easily feel motivated to do. It’s fun – that’s the key! This time of year makes it easier to be active, thus, easier to live a healthier lifestyle. And I love that!

# 6 – All The Flowers

Yes, I know, I’ve already mentioned nature, but I love flowers too much not to have them be their own part! Flowers bring me joy. There are few things I enjoy more than waking up to the sweet scent of fresh flowers on my kitchen counter. True bliss! So, how can I not be excited to welcome in the sights and smells of beautiful springtime flowers?


# 7 – All The Colours

Bring on the pastels and soft hues – I love springtime colours! Since they are so light and airy, they elicit feelings of relaxation.

Bring these beautiful colours into your living space with touches of them in your decor, or wear them by opting for soft coloured accessories – no matter how you embrace them, these colours are bound to make you feel good. They bring with them a calming feeling and can create an atmosphere that is inviting and peaceful. Say Goodbye to winter blues, and Hello to springtime pastels!

# 8 – The Fresh and Vibrant Veggies and Fruits

You foodies out there know what I’m talking about! This season welcomes all things FRESH. Spring greens, peas, asparagus – all make for yummy salads, pasta, and overall lighter and healthier recipes. All these delicious, fresh produce make eating healthier more enjoyable and a lot easier to do!

The springtime makes me happy! This time of year does wonders for my motivation, contentment, and overall well-being. With the hopes of celebrating more of what brings us joy, I thought I’d share 9 of the BEST things about spring. #springtime #mentalwellness #positivity #selfcare #happiness #gratitude
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# 9 – Spring Cleaning

When we think of Spring, many of us think of spring cleaning. Spring cleaning allows you to hit the reset button on your life. It enables you to clear your environment of anything that’s in your way and to start anew.

This simple act of cleaning out your living area does wonders for your well-being. We know an organized (and uncluttered) space has many health benefits. Check out this article on 5 Scientific Reasons Decluttering Your Home Will Make You Happier from thriveglobal.com.

Ready to celebrate all things Spring?

Whether you’re a Winter-, Autumn- or Summer-lover, you cannot deny the awesomeness that is Spring! The sunshine, blooming flowers, colours, and yummy fresh food are some ways to celebrate this lovely season. Add in some increased motivation, productivity, and a clean slate to start anew, and you’ve got yourself a perfect combination. Oh, Spring, how I love thee! Happy sunny new beginnings, my sweet friends! <3

What are your favourite things about spring? Leave me a comment!

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