Friday Favourites – No. 17

Happy Friday, friends! Welcome to this week’s Friday Favourites, where I share my latest favourite finds from around the web. Let’s jump right in. 🙃

1 – Happy Day-After-American Thanksgiving! To keep celebrating all things thankful, here are 55 Thanksgiving episodes of your favourite TV shows to enjoy this weekend! Let the holiday binge-watching begin!

2 – Feeling overwhelmed, stressed out? It’s okay to feel it. Here’s a good read that can help you do that » RAIN: A Gentle Way to Be with Our Feelings: A mindful path to self-regulation

3 – This White Chocolate Cranberry Tart has to be the most beautiful holiday dessert I’ve seen. Like ever. Just look at it 😍

4 – I don’t know about you, but I could look at mantels all day long! There’s just something so homey and elegant about them. And it’s a great source of decorating inspiration. My mantel crush is year-long, but all the lovely festive ones that come around during the Christmas season are my absolute favourite! For a bit of interior inspo, here are 6 designers showing off their holiday mantels!

5 – Healthier Fried Food? Is that a thing?? Apparently so! The trick? Using an Air Fryer! Here’s how to do it. French fries are callin’ my name!

6 – Good read » Mental Health for the Holidays: Here’s a new trick for practicing gratitude. Embrace the whimsy!

7 – Anyone else feel totally accomplished after they’ve organized something around the house?? The closet, kitchen cabinet, desk drawer – it all feels AH-mazing! Here are 30+ makeup organizing hacks that’ll make you feel so. much. better.

8 – Note to self: when it’s safe to get together again, host a crafty Christmas brunch just like this joyful, cheerful, colourful adorableness! 💕💕

9 – Hey, you. Yes, you! You are amazing and worth appreciating, and here are 40 reasons why.

10 – On my holiday to-do list: make these adorable sugared rosemary sprigs and use them to garnish all of the things.

And that’s it for today’s favourites! Have a wonderful weekend! xx, Amanda

Let’s chat! What are your thoughts on this week’s Friday Favourites??

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