Friday Favourites – No. 19

Happy Friday, friends! Welcome to this week’s Friday Favourites, where I share my latest favourite finds from around the web. Let’s jump right in. 🙃

1 – My skin always gets drier as the weather gets colder, and I’ve been looking for some DIYs that may help. I came across these DIY Citrus-Rose Sugar Scrub Bars that I’ll be trying out. These moisturizing bars are made with essential oils, shea butter, and beeswax.

source: On this week's Friday Favourites, find DIY Sugar Scrub Bars, self-care tips for those spending the holidays alone, Apple Spice Baked Donuts, & more! #fridayfavorites

2 – This holiday season is a unique one, which makes it especially important to practice self-care. If you’re feeling uneasy about how to navigate the holidays this year, here’s a Pandemic Holiday Checklist with 8 things we all need right now.

3 – I’ve always been so fascinated with feng shui – the “ancient Chinese belief that the way your house is built or the way that you arrange objects affects your success, health, and happiness.” I’m a big believer in our space impacting our mood, and so I’m always curious to learn more about it. Here’s an interesting read on how indoor plants can inspire good feng shui.

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4 – I’m not one to strictly follow design trends. But I still enjoy seeing what’s out there, getting inspired, and creating my own versions of what I like. For a bit of interior inspo, here are 10 living room trends that will dominate 2021, according to designers.

5 – This Master Bedroom Reveal is stunning! The transformation is incredible

6 – Looking for a healthy twist on a festive cocktail?? Here’s a Pomegranate Kombucha Mimosa to try this season!

7 – This year has been different. Our lives have changed in some big ways. This pandemic has forced us to isolate and to only be around those within our household. Being alone on the holidays can be particularly difficult. If you’re someone who’s spending the holiday season alone, here are 9 self-care tips that can help.

8 – These Apple Spice Baked Vegan Donuts look divine!

9 – A good read » 4 Ways to Boost Your Happiness (The Not-So-Magic Formula)

10 – I’ve been inspired to create my very own Winter Wonderland Holiday Drink Station this year! Even if it is only a few of us together on Christmas. Such a cute idea!

That’s it for this week’s favourites! Have a great weekend! xx, Amanda

Let’s chat! What are your thoughts on this week’s Friday Favourites??

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