Friday Favourites – No. 21

Happy Friday, friends! Welcome to this week’s Friday Favourites, where I share my latest favourite finds from around the web. Let’s jump right in. 🙃

1 – I’ve always been a fan of online workout videos but have found them especially useful during quarantine. And after coming off a no-exercise holiday break, here are some expert-recommended exercises to ease you back into your workout routine » 10 Easy Workout Moves Straight From Equinox’s Top Trainers

2 – Masks + easier, more casual clothing, and I’m not mad about it » What Will Street Style Look Like in 2021?

source: On this week's Friday Favourites, find what street style will look like in 2021, a strawberry lemonade frosé, the best meditation apps, and more! #fridayfavorites

3 – 90s kids rejoice! » Emma Thompson to play Miss Trunchbull in Matilda remake. Speaking of, tell me the two songs below are not the first songs that pop into your head when thinking about the movie??? Ah, the classics! 🙃

4 – This one goes out to all my fellow perfectionists » How to Let Go of the Need to Control People and Life

5 – I’m still on the fence with this one! 😄 You?? » The Man Bun: Emblem Of Modern Masculinity Or Crime Against Hair?

6 – I’m always looking for new online meditation videos and apps. They totally help me get through my particularly hectic days. Here are some apps to try this year » The Best Meditation Apps for a Moment of Calm in 2021

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7 – It really is true. When one door closes, another door opens » The Joy of Not Getting What We Want

8 – This is the year of nail health! » The 5 Biggest Nail Trends For 2021

9 – The perfect Valentine’s Day drink » Strawberry Lemonade Frosé Recipe

10 – For those of us needing a little help in the sleep department » The 9 Best Sleep Aids for People with Insomnia, According to Experts

That’s it for this week’s favourites! Have a great weekend! xx, Amanda

Let’s chat! What are your thoughts on this week’s Friday Favourites??


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