Friday Favourites – No. 24

Happy Friday, friends! Welcome to this week’s Friday Favourites, where I share my latest favourite finds from around the web. Let’s jump right in. ?

1 – How cute are these watermelon fries?? I love the idea! Can’t wait to give it a try this summer ??

2 – Attention all my fellow self-haters, here’s a good read » 8 Reasons We Judge Ourselves and How to Let Go of the Habit

Related: 20+ Positive Affirmations For Self-Love

3 – I love seeing all the pretty spring arrivals hit the stores! I feel like I say this at the start of every season (other than winter), but I think this may be my favourite time of year. The warmer weather, blooming flowers, that sense of rebirth and new beginnings – the best! I really can’t wait for some warmer weather – we’ve had so much snow this year already! Btw – how cute is this new Embroidered Tunic Dress at Anthropologie?!

4 – With March being just a few days away, I’ve got spring on the brain – all things floral, pastel, and Easter! Here’s an adorable DIY pom pom Easter egg tree that makes for a sweet centrepiece.

5 – We hear about antioxidants all the time, and we know they’re good for us, but how do they really affect our bodies and what are some tips for including them in our diets?? Here’s a good read that helps answer these questions » What Are Antioxidants, and How Much of Them Should You Be Eating?

6 – A swoon-worthy bathroom! That freestanding tub! Total.Beaut!

7 – Denim, balloon sleeves, reinvented classics – here’s a look at the Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

8 – All the springy vibes I’m feeling today! So.Pretty!

9 – Another good read » Personal Boundaries: Privacy and Personal Space in PandemicWhat to do when the pandemic steals control of your privacy and personal space.

10 – A cake too pretty to eat!

That’s it for this week’s favourites! Have a great weekend! xx, Amanda

Let’s chat! What are your thoughts on this week’s Friday Favourites??

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The products featured on Tulip and Sage are independently selected by us.  We do work with affiliates, and if you purchase a product from a link used on this blog, we may earn a small commission amount.

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  1. 3.15.21

    So many wonderful ideas to explore and visit, Amanda.
    I love that sugary mountain of a cake. So pretty!
    and this Easter eggs tree is absolutely gorgeous!
    I’m all about Easter and Spring crafts lately.
    Last few I did were cute Pom pom Easter Bunnies , small yellow pom pom chickens
    as well as a basket full of fabric easter eggs
    Hope you’ll like them. Enjoy!

    • 3.17.21
      Amanda @ Tulip & Sage said:

      Thanks Helen! Your crafts are adorable!