H&M Holiday Home Decor

Here are our favourite H&M holiday home decor finds!  Browse through for a bit of cozy, sparkle & shine, and items you can use even after the holiday season! #hmhomedecor #hmhomedecorinspiration #h&mholiday #hmhome

H&M Holiday Home Decor — The holiday season is upon us, and if you’re looking for little ways to festive-fy your space, I’m hoping this post provides you with that bit of decor inspiration that can spark your creativity.

I’m often browsing through H&M’s site looking through their new arrivals, classic wardrobe staples, and their conscious collection. I recently looked through their home section and found some adorable (and affordable!) holiday finds.

I love the little ways to incorporate holiday decor. A pillow cover, a pine-scented candle, a printed duvet set, some evergreen trimmings in vases throughout the home – these are simple ways of making your space feel Christmassy without having to break your budget or worry about where to store it all after the holiday season is over. Any of you small space city dwellers know what storage dilemmas I’m talking about!

So, with all this being said, browse through for a bit of cozy, some sparkle and shine, and items you can keep out even after the holiday season. Here are my favourite H&M Holiday Home Decor finds.

Happy shopping & Happy Wednesday! xx, Amanda

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1 – Appliquéd Cushion Cover | 2 – Pattern-knit Throw | 3 – Flannel Duvet Cover Set | 4 – Cotton Duvet Cover Set | 5 – 2-pack Espresso Cup and Saucer | 6 – Cotton Duvet Cover Set | 7 – Tall Glass Vase | 8 – Fleece Throw | 9 – Faux Fur Cushion Cover | 10 – Small Glass Vase | 11 – Small Porcelain Cup | 12 – 2-pack Metal Napkin Rings | 13 – Plaid Wool-blend Cushion Cover | 14 – Scented Candle in Glass Holder | 15 – Cotton Cushion Cover | 16 – Metal Jewelry Stand | 17 – Striped Cushion Cover | 18 – 4-pack Marble Coasters | 19 – Sequin-Border Cushion Cover | 20 – Flannel Duvet Cover Set | 21 – Faux Fur Throw | 22 – Cotton-blend Cushion Cover | 23 – Scented Candle in Glass Holder | 24 – Boxed 4-pack Scented Candles | 25 – Wool-blend Boucle Throw | 26 – Faux Fur Cushion Cover | 27 – Ceramic Plate | 28 – Large Pillar Candle | 29 – Champagne Flute | 30 – Small Ceramic Dish | 31 – 3-pack Cotton Tea Towels | 32 – Round Velvet Cushion | 33 – 2-pack Christmas Ornaments | 34 – Glass Candle Lantern | 35 – Metal and Glass Candlestick | 36 – Metal Candlestick | 37 – Metal Candlestick | 38 – Wool-blend Throw | 39 – Patterned Cotton Tablecloth | 40 – Patterned Cushion Cover | 41 – Spoon | 42 – Washed Linen Tablecloth | 43 – 2-pack Round Placemats | 44 – 2-pack Tapered Candles | 45 – Velvet Cushion Cover | 46 – Cotton Velvet Cushion Cover | 47 – Spoon | 48 – 15-pack Paper Napkins

Let’s chat! Thoughts on this H&M Holiday Home Decor?? Which items are your favourite?

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The products featured on Tulip and Sage are independently selected by us.  We do work with affiliates, and if you purchase a product from a link used on this blog, we may earn a small commission amount.

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