How to Look Chic in a Twirl-Worthy Tulle Skirt

I can’t help but looove a tulle skirt…

Yeah, I know they can give off a childlike princessy-vibe, but they can also ooze sheer elegance and femininity – if done right, that is.

Wearing these can pose a bit of a challenge since there can be a fine line between messy excess and understated elegance. But, there are simple small ways to achieve that grownup, sophisticated look you’re after.

Here are some of my simple tips for keeping your Twirl-Worthy Tulle Look chic rather than childish.

Let’s jump right in, shall we??

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# 1 – Stick with minimal jewelry

The key to achieving a chic look with these skirts is to balance their exuberance with simpler, more understated, outfit items.

When accessorizing, my tip is to choose simple and minimal jewelry. A dainty ring or a simple bracelet/earring will offer the perfect touches of sparkle and shine, while still keeping the look sophisticated.

# 2 – Go for a neutral coloured shoe

Less is more with these skirts. So, when looking for the right pair of shoes, opt for a simple neutral coloured shoe. This will balance the busyness of the skirt.

# 3 – Hair? Keep it simple.

You don’t want your hair competing with the busyness of your skirt, so a simple updo, or effortlessly down, will do just the trick.

# 4 – Pair it with a fitted, more understated top

To balance the poufiness of the skirt, opt for a top that is more fitted to the body and shows off the flattering cinched waist of the skirt. A cropped top, or one that is tucked in nicely, would work perfectly.

It’s also a good idea to choose a top that is a solid colour, in a neutral tone, without any busy pattern or design. Again, less is always more, especially with achieving this look.

# 5 – Choose a length that suits your body type

These skirts come in different lengths – from mini, midi, to maxi. Be sure to choose the length that works best with your body type.

Some things to keep in mind when you’re choosing the right length of skirt:

  • In general, the most flattering length will be one that hits the smallest part of your leg.
  • The most universally flattering length is at the knee (just above, or just below, will work as well). Petite women should opt for just above the knee.
  • If choosing a midi length, be sure to wear a nude or neutral shoe to elongate the leg.
  • With a maxi length, pairing it with a top that shows off a bit of skin will help balance the coverage of your legs.

# 6 – Handbag? You guessed it!

Keep it s-i-m-p-l-e. Let your tulle skirt be the star, and the rest, the supporting roles.

# 7 – Work it!

Okay, so you’ve decided to wear a totally awesome tulle skirt. Now work it! After all, confidence is your absolute greatest accessory. So, get out there, own your boldness, and be your beautiful self!  

Armed with these tips, I hope I’ve inspired you to confidently get your twirl on! 😊

Happy twirling, my lovelies! <3


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Let’s chat! What are your tips on how to wear a tulle skirt??

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