A Simple Life Hack To Be More Active At Home (Psst…It Involves Your Cell Phone)

Life Hack To Be More Active At Home — With so many of us working from home nowadays, it can be challenging to stay active. It’s all too easy to find myself waking up to the computer screen and falling asleep to it without anything else in between. We all know this is far from living a healthy lifestyle.

I have to admit, I do really try to be more active throughout my day, so that has to count for something, right?? Each morning, I wake up and promise myself to get up from my desk regularly, walk around the house a little bit, maybe even throw in a quick walk around the block, these are my daily intentions, and they are good. But the follow-through?? No bueno!

As much as I try to be more active throughout my day, I find myself getting sucked into work, and before you know it the day is done again. And I know this is the reality for many of us.

But, I’ve discovered a small life hack to force me to get up. And, guess what, it involves my cell phone.


Like our computers, our phones become an extension of us. Many of us glued to them all day. Whether it’s checking our emails, or scrolling through our instagram feed, our phones play a large part of our days. So naturally, they’re always around us, because we’re always needing them for something.

Here’s the trick » Keep your phone across the room. Or in another room. Or downstairs. Anywhere where it’s out of arm’s reach.

It sounds silly and annoying, and it kinda is at first if I’m being completely honest!, but it does the trick. It forces you to get up from your desk or out of your bed, over and over again, to grab it.

And once I’m away from my workstation, I’ve found it so much easier to start incorporating other healthy habits. “Well, since I’m already up, let me grab a quick healthy bite to eat.” Or, “since I’m already up, let me run down the street and pick up some ingredients for tonight’s dinner.” You see what I’m saying…it’s a great little trick to break that autopilot work-mode we’re often in.

So, like me, if you’re finding it impossible to remember to step away from your workstation throughout your day, give this simple lil life hack a try, and let me know how it goes!

With <3, Amanda

Let’s chat! What’s your go-to life hack to be more active at home??

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