Currently Coveting: Macrame Home Decor

Macrame home decor — This 70’s decor trend is back and thriving! My eye is always drawn to a space with some macrame. Whether it be a hanging plant holder or a wall hanging, these sweet boho pieces add the perfect little touch of warmth and romance to any space. So pretty!

And with my mind being in refresh mode with the start of a new year, I’ve been looking for small ways to freshen up my space. As I’m browsing through interior inspiration on Pinterest and some decor finds online, I’m starting to notice a pattern in what I’m favouriting. You guessed it – MACRAME! ? It’s safe to say I’ve entered crush territory.

Which brings me to today’s Currently Coveting. Browse through for some pretty macrame-filled spaces, and my favourite decor finds!

And if you’re also wanting to add a few new decor touches to your space, I hope you leave here a little bit more inspired than when you arrived. Have a great day! xx, Amanda

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source: herzenstimme/ Are you also coveting macrame home decor and looking for some decorating inspiration? Here are some pretty macrame-filled spaces and my favourite finds!  #macramehomedecor #macramehomedecorinspiration #macramedecor #macramedecorideas
source: herzenstimme
my favourite finds

1 – Macrame Sling Hanging Wall Mirror [Urban Outfitters] // 2 – Ivory Macrame Pouf [Walmart] // 3 – Macrame Placemat [Bloomingdale’s] // 4 – Knotted Melati Hanging Chair [Anthropologie] // 5 – Macrame Wall Hanging [Urban Outfitters] // 6 – Macrame Window Panel [Urban Outfitters] // 7 – Macrame Hanging Shelf [Urban Outfitters] // 8 – Macrame Catch-All Basket [Urban Outfitters] // 9 – Macrame Floating Shelf [Urban Outfitters] // 10 – Macrame Fringed Drum Pendant Light [Urban Outfitters] // 11 – Macrame Pendant Light [Urban Outfitters] // 12 – Cone Pendant [Wayfair] // 13 – Ivory Boho Macrame Collection Duvet Cover Set [Wayfair] // 14 – Macramé Bed Canopy [Wayfair] // 15 – Macrame Swing [Amazon] // 16 – Macrame Table Runner [Amazon] // 17 – Macrame Rug [Amazon] // 18 – Macrame Boho Wall Art [Amazon] // 19 – Macrame Wall Hanging [Etsy] // 20 – Macrame Feather Wall Hanging [Esty] // 21 – Macrame Plant Hanger [Etsy] // 22 – Macrame Coasters [Etsy] // 23 – Throw Pillow Covers [Amazon] // 24 – Macrame Lamp Shade [Anthropologie]

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Let’s chat! What are your thoughts on macrame home decor?

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The products featured on Tulip and Sage are independently selected by us.  We do work with affiliates, and if you purchase a product from a link used on this blog, we may earn a small commission amount.

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