10 Reasons To Love A Maxi Dress

Maxi Dresses – Getting dressed can be a daunting task when you’re already feeling anxious about something or overwhelmed. Having to worry about putting together a whole outfit can feel like a lot to handle, especially if you’re already feeling insecure about yourself and your body.

As someone who feels this way often, I’ve learned to choose clothing that’s effortless to put together, and that makes me feel comfortable. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the maxi dress. ?

A favourite style staple of mine is the beautiful, free-flowing maxi dress. I love this dress for so many reasons, and today, I thought I’d share with you 10 reasons why maxi dresses are what I turn to again and again.

Let’s jump right in!


# 1 – Comfort, Comfort, Comfort.

This is easily my favourite reason to wear this dress. Comfort is key when I’m looking for something to wear, especially if I’m already feeling overwhelmed that day. The free-flowing bottom half of these dresses makes them totally comfortable to wear. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel like they’re being hugged by a blanket all day long?! 🙂 And fun fact » tight clothing can actually make us feel more anxious, so this loose-fitting dress is perfect for days I’m already feeling a bit anxious.

# 2 – Laid-back Leg-loving

Feeling insecure about your legs or haven’t got the time to give them a perfect shave?? Fret not – the maxi dress is here! This dress gives you ALL of the leg coverage you’re after!

Source: L – linenlooks.com / R – memorandum.com

# 3 – Little effort, Big style

You know those mornings where the thought of putting together an entire outfit feels like A LOT to handle?? Well, this dress is the perfect pick for mornings like those. This dress is a no-fuss way of looking super stylish.

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# 4 – Casual to elegant

Add a pair of heels, some fancy jewelry and a fancy handbag, and you’ve got a maxi dress worthy of a fancy night out on the town. Throw on some flip-flops, a big floppy hat, and some sunscreen, and you’re ready to take this maxi out for a casual fun day at the beach. The possibilities are endless! You get a lot of bang for your buck with this dress because of its versatility.

# 5 – Come rain or shine

Although commonly known as a summer style staple, maxi dresses can totally be worn in the fall and winter as well. They can keep you cool in the summertime heat if you choose one in a fresh, breathable fabric like cotton or linen. And they can also work in the cooler seasons by adding layers up top (like a cardigan or jacket) and a pair of boots underneath. I like to also throw on a pair of leggings underneath my maxi in the cooler weather for that extra bit of warmth.

# 6 – Shows off your best features

Want to show off your figure? Opt for a maxi dress that is more form-fitting. Want to show off your shoulders? Opt for a dress with an off-the-shoulder neckline. These dresses come in so many shapes and sizes. And the more options, the easier it is to find one that fits just right!

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# 7 – Hides your not-so-favourite features

This dress is perfect for hiding areas of your body that you may be feeling insecure about. For me, I opt for dresses that come in a loose fabric around the mid-and bottom sections; this helps me hide any insecurities around my belly area and keeps me feeling comfortable and confident throughout the day.

# 8 – All the Pretty Colours and Patterns

From a bold floral pattern to a more understated pattern and colour – these dresses come in such a variety of patterns and colours that you are bound to find the perfect one that best suits your likes and body-type.

Source: L – roolee.com / R – freepeople.com

# 9 – Oh the neckline options

These dresses come in so many different types of necklines — v-neck, off- the-shoulder, halter, and the list goes on. Another reason this makes it super easy to find a version of this dress that you will totally fall in love with!

Top Splurge Picks

# 10 – Easily modified to best suit your body type

Afraid that the maxi dress is not the right fit for your body type? Try adding a blazer to add more structure to your look, or add a belt around the narrowest part of your waist to emphasize your shape. And here’s a lil tip » a dress in a solid or darker colour tends to be universally more slimming.

Bottom line: you are bound to find the perfect maxi dress for your beautiful body type.

Let’s chat! What are some reasons you love maxi dresses?

With <3, Amanda

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