Monday Muse – No. 7

Monday Muse β€” Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a great weekend. My weekend was filled with errands, cooking, and some much needed R&R. It was the good kind of boring, you know what I mean? Just what I needed.

How was your weekend?? I’d really love to hear! Leave me a comment below!

On to today’s post πŸ™ƒ

Let’s face it, Monday’s aren’t always the easiest. It can take some time to get into the weekly groove again. That’s why I like starting off the week with some good vibes. Whether it be playing some happy songs in the morning before work, reading some encouraging stories in the news, taking in an inspiring quote or affirmation, anything that can help steer my mind in a positive direction. I find it not only puts me in a better mood, but it helps me take on the day, and the week, ahead.

And sometimes that means looking through a feel-good Instagram feed, which is why I’m featuring one of those on this week’s Monday Muse.

Here’s why I’m loving @tatiana_home_decor‘s Instagram feed:

  • it helps me get through the day by focusing on something to look forward to after work, like a bubble bath, a cozy bed, a warm cup of cocoa
  • the feed gives off calm and comforting vibes, all things that help soothe my anxious brain
  • it reminds me of the countless little simple things that I can do to bring joy to my day, like having a glass of wine while watching Netflix, or reading a book, or just lighting a candle

So, if you’re also looking for some feel-good vibes this Monday morning, head on over to @tatiana_home_decor‘s Instagram account and give her a follow!

Below, I’ve left you just a touch of what you’ll find. πŸ₯°

Have a great day! xx, Amanda


Let’s chat! What’s your Monday Muse?

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