4 Rainy Day Wardrobe Essentials To Invest In

Rainy Day Wardrobe Essentials – We’ve been getting some rain here in Toronto, and it has me thinking of rainy day wardrobe essentials because figuring out what to wear on these days can be tricky.

But first (in Julie Chen’s BB voice), let’s take a moment to appreciate rain being the ultimate cozy creator! A good book, a warm blanket, and the sound of rain outside your window…ah, heaven. Cozy, comfy heaven. 💕

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Moment had. 🥰 Leave me a comment letting me how you like to spend your rainy days ☂️

Okay, now back to why we came here, in hopes of helping you de-stress your getting dressed in the mornings, I’m sharing 4 rainy day wardrobe staples that are totally worth investing in.

Let’s jump right in!

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Why Hunter?

Years ago, I saved up to purchase my very first pair of Hunter rain boots, and I haven’t worn another rain boot since. Here’s why I choose Hunter, again and again, for my rainy day essentials:

» Their products are made well – They will last you forever and ever, especially if you’re taking good care of them

» Their products last – As I mentioned above, you won’t be spending any money replacing these so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth

» Their simple, safe, and timeless style – Unlike some trendy fad, Hunter products are in it for the long haul. You can wear them again and again for years to come.

» They are actually waterproof – I have yet to find another rain boot that actually keeps my feet dry. They deliver on their promise and get the job done.

» They are multi-seasonal – You can wear them in the springtime, the fall, and even in the winter by adding a cozy little boot sock. We love a good multi-use wardrobe staple around here!

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4 Rainy Day Wardrobe Essentials Worth Investing In

You’ll always be prepared for the next rainy day once you’ve invested in:

  1. a high-quality rain boot – Because having wet feet after a long rainy day doesn’t feel very good
  2. a waterproof coat – To keep your outfit looking its best for that presentation you’re about to give at work
  3. a waterproof bag – To keep your precious belongings dry
  4. a high-quality umbrella – You know, one that won’t break from a gust of wind (speaking from experience!)

And if you’re on the lookout for some rainy day wardrobe essentials, I’ve curated some of my faves for your shopping pleasure! Give them a peek below!

Essential # 1 – The Boot

Most Swoon-Worthy Mentions

Source: hunterboots.com // Women’s Original Tall Rain Boots in Dark Olive & Autumn Stone Red 😍😍

Essential # 2 – The Coat

Essential # 3 – The Bag

Essential # 4 – The Umbrella

Bonus Essential – The Boot Sock

There you have it – the 4 rainy day wardrobe essentials that I swear by. I hope these staples will take the stress out of your rainy morning getting dressed sessions and leave in all the magical, cozy goodness that rainy days are really meant to be. Happiest rainy days to come! <3

With <3, Amanda

Let’s chat! What are your go-to rainy day wardrobe essentials??


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