46 Ways To Enjoy A Grown-Up Snow Day

Happy Snow Day! How will you be spending the day?  Here are 46 snow day activities for adults; little ways to enjoy a grown-up snow day! #snowday #snowdayactivities #snowdayactivitiesforadults #tulipandsage

Snow Day Activities For Adults — We’ve officially got ourselves a snow day. ❄️ As a kid, I remember how excited I would get for these days off school. It meant sleeping in and making snow angels in the backyard. Ah, heaven. It’s kinda funny how these feelings stay with us. I mean, I’m an adult now, no longer yearning for a day off school, and with no human children to experience it with (I love me my fur baby!), but I would be lying if I said a snow day didn’t still feel different than any other day. It’s far from that childlike excitement I once felt, but there’s still something there. I’m not quite sure how to explain it. I think it may be the way it so easily brings me to the present moment. The snow forces me to be with it, to experience it. You know, that living-in-the-moment stuff we adults strive for but so effortlessly do as children.

When snow falls, nature listens. – Antoinette van Kleeff

Waking up to a snow day takes us out of that stressful overthinking mode we are often in as adults, even for just a moment. It re-programs the brain to think for the here-and-now. “Okay, it’s a snow day, now what??” It gives us the opportunity to just be with the day. And I don’t know about you, but I could always use more of that living-in-the-moment kinda stuff.

And so today, I’m choosing to embrace this special day that was gifted to us. Even as a full-blown adult with responsibilities and work that still needs to get done. I.will.love.you.snow.day – if it’s the last thing I do! ? Here are 46 snow day activities for adults; little ways to enjoy a grown-up snow day. And yes, most of the list involves cooking and eating and drinking of some kind, and no, I’m not apologizing for it! Happy snow day, friends! xx, Amanda

  1. Make yourself some hot chocolate. I can’t wait to try this nutella version! ?
  2. Do some yoga. Here are 11 Best Yoga YouTube Channels For Beginners to follow along to
  3. Cook yourself some dinner. This creamy chicken gnocchi bake is the comfort food I need in my life.
  4. Make these snow cones
  5. Order in your favourite take out
  6. Watch your favourite snow-themed movies. There are so many goodies! The first that come to my mind – Edward Scissorhands, Misery, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Just Friends, The Holiday – so.many!
  7. Wear your winteriest of outfits
  8. Exercise with some dancing. Here are 10 Dance Workout Videos on YouTube To Try Today
  9. Make yourself some snow ice cream
  10. Declutter your space – Clean out / donate all the wintery things you’re no longer using or need – i.e. scarves, sweaters, mugs
  11. Build a snowman
  12. Go for a walk
  13. Make some snow candy
  14. Capture the beauty by taking photos on your walk in the snow
  15. Bake some bread. Here’s a yummy roasted garlic & rosemary bread recipe to try!
  16. Browse through the most magical wintery wonderland photos on Pinterest and save your faves
  17. Wear your warmest sweater
  18. Bake a pie. This apple pie looks delicious!
  19. Cuddle with all.of.the.blankets. Here’s a blanket I picked up recently and love
  20. Start a gratitude journal by writing down what you’re most grateful for today
  21. Give yourself a snowy manicure
  22. Make some warm soup – like this creamy roasted cauliflower soup recipe!
  23. Make a snow angel
  24. Take a bath with a snowy bath bomb. Have you tried this Butterball bomb from Lush yet??
  25. Make some mulled wine. Try this recipe!
  26. Do a guided meditation – snow edition. Here’s one to try!
  27. DIY a wintery wreath.
  28. Post your favourite snow quotes on social media
  29. Make it a cozy pajama day
  30. Make a DIY snow globe
  31. Design your very own wintery white interior
  32. Have your favourite tea
  33. Take a breather – take little breaks during your workday and get outside, even if only for a few minutes at a time
  34. Bundle up with a good book – cozy cabin style
  35. Do a random act of kindness – shovel for a senior neighbour, donate to a food bank or shelter
  36. Search cute animals in the snow and embrace all that adorableness. Here’s a little fox. You’re welcome!
  37. Create a snow – / cold – / cozy – themed song playlist
  38. Light a wintery-scented candle
  39. Make some cozy apple cider. Here’s a recipe to follow!
  40. Wear your warmest socks
  41. Binge watch a series
  42. Spend some [virtual] quality time with loved ones
  43. Make some hot chocolate bombs. Here’s how to make ’em!
  44. De-stress with some colouring – wintery wonderland edition. Here are some free printables!
  45. Self-care it up with a hydrating face mask. Here are some hydrating face mask recipes to try!
  46. Get your knitting on! Here are some tips on how to knit an easy triangle scarf

Let’s chat! Thoughts on these snow day activities for adults?? How will you be enjoying this snow day?

Photo by Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash

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