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source: aliceandolivia.com / Are you obsessing over spring florals fashion too? I've been swooning over some serious floral pieces lately.  Here are 5 of my current faves! #springfloralfashion #springfloralprints #springfashion #tulipandsage

Spring Florals Fashion — Guess what I’m doing right now?? I’m sitting at my desk, writing this post, and – wait for it – my windows are open!! Can you believe it?? Like actually open, open! The first time this year where it hasn’t been freezing. I like to consider this very special moment to be the first unofficial start of spring – when I’m finally able to enjoy some warmer weather, even if it is just the sweet breeze that’s dancing into my room as we speak. Just heavenly.

With the weather here set to hit double-digit highs this week (I know! Unheard of!), I’m feeling all of the vibes – the happy ones, the hopeful ones, and all of the spring ones. I’m embracing it all – the sunshine, freshly cut tulips at the grocery store, and all of the floral clothing that’s hitting the shops. And guys, I’m a bit obsessed with these flowery pieces.

Spring and floral prints go together like marshmallows and hot chocolate, like PB and J, like salt and pepper – you know, like any other perfect pair of things that are just better together. Spring just wouldn’t be complete without rocking a floral. Ya know what I’m sayin’??

I’ve been swooning over some serious floral pieces lately. Check them out below, and let me know what you think! So cute, right??

Are you obsessing over spring florals fashion too? I've been swooning over some serious floral pieces lately.  Here are 5 of my current faves! #springfloralfashion #springfloralprints #springfashion #tulipandsage

1 – Agga Blazer by Sella Nova [ Shopbop ] – CAD $416.68: I love a blazer! It’s become a must-have wardrobe item for me for any season. I just love the way a blazer makes me feel and look a little bit more put together. I also have a long torso, so I feel like they just help my body look more…balanced?? If that makes any sense. Overtop a plain white tee and a pair of skinnies instantly takes the outfit up a style notch. It’s so versatile and easy to incorporate into so many looks and can be worn again and again, which I just love! And I instantly fell in love with this pretty-in-pink one for spring. The small print and soft shades of colour are lovely!

2 – Cosima Floral Button Front Blouse [ Alice and Olivia ] – CAD $465.12: I love a blue print on a white top or dress. I think it’s one of my favourite colour combinations to wear in the warmer months. It makes me feel like I’m vacationing in Europe somewhere! Hopefully in real life sometime soon! *fingers crossed* How cute is this forget-me-not print?? And I love a button-down top – a classy and timeless wardrobe addition!

3 – Floral Belted Cargo Pants by Amur [ Saks Fifth Avenue ] – CAD $435.89: Ok. Ok. I know I’ve been gushing over all these pieces, but this one is probably my favourite – print- and colour-wise of them all! Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this beauty??? The rich marigold colour just screams sunshine, and don’t even get me started on this old-world floral (and birdie!) print. Totally romantic. Totally stunning. I love the pockets. I love the belt detailing. I just luh-ve! Get.in.my.closet.now.mmk.thanks.

4 – Corinne Full Skirt [ Boden ] – CAD $‌195.00: A midi skirt is another wardrobe staple of mine. This bold and beautiful one from Boden is giving me major old-school movie star vibes. The fullness of the skirt with a tucked-in top is totally reminding me of Audrey Hepburn – one of my all-time favourite style icons. I love how bright and cheery this colour combo is and the larger print. I really like incorporating different size prints as well, having the smaller ones paired with bolder pieces and the larger with more neutral pieces – so many fun and different ways of wearing these springtime florals!

5 – Saskia Maxi Dress [ Anthropologie ] – USD $198.00: This tall girl (all my fellow 5’7iners where you at??) loves her a maxi dress. It’s one of my favourite pieces to wear. It covers all the bits I want covered. It accentuates the bits I want accentuated. It feels like I’m walking around in an actual blanket – uh..yes! And it’s easy. I love maxis so much I dedicated a whole blog post to them! And this one from anthro is so pretty! I like wearing a belt with my maxis to cinch my waist in a bit, so love that this one is belted, and I love how simple this print is – a pretty yellow floral over white. So fresh and perfect for sunny days ahead!

That’s it for now! I’m heading out for a walk in the sun. 🙂 A reminder to self: continue to find joy in the simplest of things. Have a good one, loves! xx, Amanda

Let’s chat! Thoughts on spring florals fashion?? Do you share in this obsession??

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