6 Must-Watch TED Talks About Happiness

Are you happy? I mean truly happy? I bet I caught you off guard with that question. But really, are you? And when was the last time you thought about this?

Since I started implementing more self-care into my life, I have had more opportunities to do a bit of introspection. Through this, I have learned more about myself, what my hopes and dreams are, and what makes me feel fulfilled. I think we all owe it to ourselves to dig deep into some self-discovery. After all, we want to make the best use of our time here on this beautiful planet.

I know we all want to be happy; and that we all want to feel fulfilled in our lives. But the question is, how? How can we truly attain happiness? The answer to this question may differ among us.

I hope to inspire you to take the time to think about what happiness means to you. And to start to take the steps needed to get there.

Here are 6 must-watch TED Talks about happiness. These will have you rethinking the meaning of happiness, and what it means to live a good life. #happiness #tedtalks #inspiration #gratitude
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Here are 6 Must-Watch TED Talks about Happiness, which I hope will inspire you to pursue greater happiness in your everyday <3

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6 Must-Watch TED Talks About Happiness

1 // Robert Waldinger – What makes a good life?  Lessons from the longest study of happiness

Robert Waldinger, Director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, shares what makes us most happy and healthy in life. He discusses the findings of a 75-year study of 724 men – one group of Harvard students, another group from inner-city Boston. The rare and fascinating study follows the lives of these men and makes discoveries as to what it means to live a good life – and it’s not wealth and fame. He shares the insightful lessons learned from this study, as well as some practical ways we can all live more fulfilling lives.

2 // Dan Gilbert – The surprising science of happiness

Dan Gilbert, a Harvard psychologist, describes us as having a “psychological immune system” – that helps us feel happy, even if our circumstances do not go as planned. This fascinating Talk on the science of happiness makes us completely rethink how we can attain it. We often think that happiness is something to be found, but this Talk challenges this idea and presents the scientific process behind us feeling truly happy.

3 // Matthieu Ricard – The habits of happiness

Matthieu Ricard, a biochemist turned Buddhist monk, discusses the meaning of well-being and how we can nurture our inner conditions to achieve greater happiness and fulfillment. Ricard explains the power of the mind and its functions, encourages us to spend more time nurturing the mind, and shares how we can all do so.

4 // David Steindl-Rast – Want to be happy? Be grateful

Brother David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk, explains that we all have something in common and that is to be happy. He describes the connection between gratefulness and happiness, and that happiness is born from gratitude. This Talk teaches us how to be more grateful and how to use gratitude to transform the world into a happier place.

5 // Michael Norton – How to buy happiness?

Michael Norton, a social science researcher, explains that money can indeed buy happiness if you don’t spend it on yourself. He explains the difference between anti-social and pro-social spending and shares the fascinating findings from research on how spending money on others can benefit you while also helping other people. This interesting Talk ultimately challenges the common idea that money can’t buy happiness.

6 // Matt Killingsworth – Want to be happier? Stay in the moment

Matt Killingsworth, a happiness researcher, shares his findings from an app he built, called Track Your Happiness. The app lets people report their feelings in real-time. He explains the results showed that we are less happy when our minds are wandering since we tend to think of unpleasant things when our minds wander. And that we are happier when we are in the moment. This Talk reminds us of the importance of being present – and that our happiness depends on it!

My wish for you is that you become a Happier, Healthier YOU – a YOU that is living their very best life. And, as always, thanks so much for stopping by <3

Which one of these Ted Talks about happiness inspired you the most? Let me know below!

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