The Magic of Snow

Do you believe in the magic of snow?

It’s a snowy day here in Toronto. And as I write this, I’m watching a winter wonderland being created right outside my window.

When it snows, isn’t it lovely? Not the afterwards stuff, all the slushy, dirty roads that result from it, but the actual falling of the snow. The moment where it’s happening.

There is something so peaceful about watching the snow fall. Those itty bitty snowflakes falling ever-so-gently from the sky – it feels totally magical…

It’s like we’re all living in a snow globe and someone just gave us a real good shake!

I’ve been on a mission, over the last few years, to be a more optimistic person. As someone who’s experienced burnout and has struggled with maintaining mental wellness, I’ve made it a point to make my well-being a priority. With that comes gratitude.

Out of all the seasons, winter can be the most depressing. You’d think I’d get accustomed to the temperature here, being born and raised in Toronto after all, but that bitter cold that comes around during the winter is a difficult thing for me to get used to. I just really don’t like being cold. And the winters in Canada can get pretty brutal. The shorter days don’t help either.

But, like any other time I’m in a bit of negative thinking spiral, I try to stop this thought train by intentionally seeking something to be grateful for in the very moment. Today that something to be grateful for is snow.

Here’s why snow is magical to me:

  • It brings with it a sense of calm and a quiet peace
  • It makes the hecticness of life stop for a moment
  • It feels nostalgic, taking me back to a simpler, sweeter time
  • It reminds me that our world is full of fascinating wonders

Anyone else looking out their window at a magical winter wonderland?

Happiest Friday, loves!

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Let’s chat! Do you believe in the magic of snow?

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  1. 12.15.19

    Snow is real-life magic to me. I’m always amazed at how it changes the mood and brings out the inner-child of everyone!

    • 12.18.19
      Amanda said:

      Totally! <3