10+ Things To Love About Winter

It’s a chilly day in Toronto. Yep…it’s still winter you guys.

These cold mornings can make it difficult to feel motivated. And for those of us who hate feeling cold, (YES there are actual humans who don’t mind it, I’ve met some of them!), it can make us feel pretty down about our day, ourselves, and sometimes even our lives.

There is a very real condition that occurs during the colder months. I’m sure most of us have heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – a type of depression that usually occurs during the fall or winter seasons. You can read more about SAD here. If you’re concerned that you may be experiencing SAD, please reach out to a health care professional for some help.

I’ve never been officially diagnosed with SAD, but I can tell you I do experience some form of the winter blues. A less serious form, but still a form that I’ve been trying to work through. One way that really helps me feel better is through gratitude.

I’ve been on a mission to be a more grateful person in general. I’ve noticed that with each hardship I’ve experienced, gratitude has always been a contributing factor to help me get through it.

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Today, as I wake up to this cold day, I’m choosing to seek out things I love about this chilly season. So let’s jump right into 10+ things to love about winter – all the little simple joys that I’m totally grateful for and that make life, and this special season, pretty great.

10+ Things To Love About Winter

# 1 – The smell of pine

The smell of pine instantly calms me down and makes me smile. Maybe it’s a nostalgic thing? Reminding me of happy Christmas memories. There may be some truth to this happy smell because research has found it actually helps to reduce stress!

# 2 – Christmas lights around the city

The whole city lights up at night completely changing the mood and atmosphere. It all feels a little bit calmer, more joyful, and completely romantic.

The winter season can be harsh, but there are so many little joys we can be grateful for.  Here are 10+ things to love about winter. #winter #thingstoloveaboutwinter #gratefulheart #tulipandsage
Source: unknown

# 3 – The first snowfall

That first snowfall always feels magical.

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# 4 – Hot chocolate

Yummy chocolatey goodness! And it totally makes me feel like a kid again each time I have it.

# 5 – Chunky sweaters

Let’s just say I’m a sweater superfan. I always have been – any shape, size or colour. A sweater makes me feel warm and comfortable. And this time of year really takes the whole sweater thing up a notch. And I’m living for it! ?

Source:  H&M // The winter season can be harsh, but there are so many little joys we can be grateful for. Here are 10+ things to love about winter. #winter #thingstoloveaboutwinter #gratefulheart #tulipandsage
Source: H&M

# 6 – Warm socks

Having cold feet (figuratively and literally!) is not the greatest feeling. Warm and toasty feet, on the other hand, is the perfect bit of self-care I’m craving after coming home from a cold winter’s day.

# 7 – Making snow angels

When was the last time you made a snow angel? I couldn’t tell you. But what I can tell you is how it made me feel as a child. And how it makes people everywhere, and of any age, whether doing or observing, feel. There’s just something about playing in the snow that can bring out the kid in all of us. I mean, what other season comes with angel-making abilities??

# 8 – Christmas music

If you couldn’t already tell, I’m kinda obsessed with Christmas. It’s my absolute favourite time of year. And Christmas music is just the perfect cherry to top off the already perfect sundae that is the holiday season.

# 9 – Comfort food

I love a hug in a bowl, what can I say?!

# 10 – Cuddle sessions

Keeping warm as you cozy up to your honey never felt so romantic. It’s like winter has a way of starring each of us in our own romantic comedy. What’s your favourite romantic comedy??? Mine’s My Best Friend’s Wedding with the oh-so-dreamy Dermot Mulroney ?

# 11 – Fluffy blankets

My happy place is warm. A fluffy blanket transports me to that place.

# 12 – It’s good for your health

It’s true! The winter helps improve allergies, fights infections, and comes with other surprising health benefits. You can read about these health benefits here.

# 13 – Holiday spirit

The holiday season brings a greater sense of peace and compassion to the world. It takes a pretty amazing season to house the most wonderful time of year!

# 14 – Coziest bedtime

Getting into bed, safely away from the harsh cold, under all the soft blankets, feels extra cozy during this time of year.

# 15 – Citrusy goodness

Most citrus fruits are their yummiest during the North American winter, and I couldn’t tell you a winter season where I haven’t enjoyed the most delicious oranges or clementines. They’ve become synonymous with Christmas and winter for me because growing up my mom would place them all over the house during this time of year.

# 16 – It does a garden good

And lastly on my list of things to love about winter, it actually comes with environmental benefits. Among other things, it can help give plant life a jump start in the spring. And who doesn’t love seeing leaves sprout and flowers start to bloom in the springtime?? We’ve got winter to thank for it!

Let’s chat! What do you love about winter?

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