6 Tips For Keeping Cut Flowers Fresh

I’m always trying to be a more positive thinker. As a lifelong sufferer of relentless negative self-talk, it’s been something that I need to make an effort to work on, always.

There are different ways I work on this, and one way is to become more mindful of the simple joys in life.


I’ve mentioned simple joys in other posts on this blog before. To me, there is something magical that happens when you start to recognize and become grateful for, all life’s simple pleasures. It’s like a cycle of joy – once you notice one, you notice two, and then three.

Not only does it help bring me back to the present moment, which is a helpful way I deal with my anxious racing thoughts. But it also makes me thankful for the little things. And the older I get, the more evident it becomes that the little things indeed are the big things. And often, the most simple things are the most profound.

Which brings me to today’s post…peonies <3

I found these beauties at the grocery store – 3 bunches for $18! I couldn’t help but treat myself to them. Each morning, I’m now greeted by them on my kitchen counter. They force me to take a beat before I start my day. They make me happy. And I’m grateful for that. Side note: I also read they symbolize bravery, so that’s another little reminder I get each morning which doesn’t hurt! Be brave, Amanda! You got this, girl!

With the hopes of keeping my cut flowers fresh longer, I’ve found a few techniques that help. And I wanted to share these tips with you. The next time life throws you a simple pleasure in the form of some fresh flowers, use these tips to enjoy them for as long as possible.

Life is full of simple pleasures. A beautiful flower arrangement being just one of them! Wondering how to keep your flowers fresh? Here are 6 tips for making your fresh cut flowers last. #flowers #simplepleasures #simplejoys #simpleliving #happiness #lifestyle #blogger
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Here are 6 tips for keeping your cut flowers fresh and alive for as long as possible:

Tip # 1

Fill a clean vase with room temperature water and add in a packet of flower food (this is often included with your flower purchase), or mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of white sugar into your water.

Tip # 2

Start by removing all excess leaves that will be underwater. This will keep your water fresher longer and prevent bacterial growth.

Tip # 3

Always. ALWAYS. Cut the ends of your stems. Cut the bottom of each stem at an angle using sharp shears or kitchen scissors. Once cut, place them in your vase immediately (I’m talking within seconds!). This will have them absorb the most water, and prevent their ends from sealing up.

Tip # 4

Re-cut the ends of your stems and change out the water every few days

Tip # 5

One of the best ways to keep your flowers fresher longer is to store them in the refrigerator overnight! This is especially beneficial if the temperature in your home is warm.

Tip # 6

Avoid placing your flowers in direct sunlight, and keep them away from your fruit bowls! Fruit releases ethylene gas that can make your flowers wilt quicker.

The Takeaway

Recognizing and being grateful for life’s simple pleasures can bring greater joy to your life, and can help you learn to be more present in your every day. My hope is that you take the time to appreciate and celebrate each simple pleasure in your life. If peonies happen to be yours today, I hope you’ve found these tips, for keeping them lasting as long as possible, helpful. Good-bye for now, my lovely friends! <3

How do you keep your cut flowers fresh? Let me know below!


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  1. 8.26.19

    That’s interesting that cutting the ends of the flowers at an angle would help them to absorb more water. Hopefully, that would help them last longer. I’ll have to recommend that to my wife next time she gets some from the florist.

    • 8.27.19
      Amanda said:

      Thanks Tyler! Yes, it’s always worked for me! 🙂