30 Simple Ways To Be Active Outdoors

It’s spring! And you know what that means? Say good-bye to feeling stuck indoors! For me, the warmer weather is such a motivating factor to being more physically active. Since the sunny days are so enjoyable, it’s much easier to be active outdoors without feeling like you’re exercising.

When ACTIVE meets FUN, that’s where you’ll find me. We all want to be our healthiest, but let’s face it, exercise can sometimes feel like something we’re forced to do, rather than something we look forward to doing. When was the last time you kept up with an exercise routine that you hated? It’s so difficult to do! It’s a lot easier to stick to being active when you’re enjoying the process.

One of my favourite parts about spring is the countless fun and simple ways we can be active outdoors. The possibilities are endless!

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The warmer weather makes being active easier and more enjoyable! Here are 30 fun and simple ways to be active outdoors this spring. #spring #springtime #fitness #exercise #selfcare #wellness #mentalhealth #outdooractivities
Source: Tiffany Nutt
Here are 30 simple ways to be active outdoors:
  1. Bike to work
  2. Bike around different neighbourhoods in your city
  3. Bike along your favourite bike path
  4. Bike along a new bike path you haven’t explored yet
  5. Go for a walk every morning
  6. Go for a walk during your lunch hour
  7. Go for a walk after dinner each evening
  8. Jog while listening to your favourite podcasts
  9. Jog while listening to your favourite songs
  10. Jog while listening to an audible book
  11. Hike your favourite trail
  12. Hike a new trail each week
  13. Always take the stairs
  14. Play some basketball, soccer, or tennis
  15. Go rollerblading
  16. Play catch
  17. Throw a frisbee
  18. Explore a different park each week
  19. Become a tourist of your city and visit different attractions on foot or biking
  20. Walk your weekend errands
  21. Take an outdoor yoga class
  22. Explore an outdoor market
  23. Check out your city’s blooming trees on foot or biking
  24. Walk through your city’s gardens and take in the greenery and floral scents
  25. Got kiddos? Participate in an outdoor Easter egg hunt
  26. Walk to your favourite park, enjoy a picnic, then walk home
  27. Celebrate Earth Day by cleaning up your city
  28. Go bird watching
  29. Window-shop
  30. Road trip to a new town and sightsee that area on foot
The Takeaway

The warmer weather makes it easier, and more enjoyable than ever to be healthier. Spending time outdoors can do wonders for our motivation. Whether you’re biking to work, or exploring an outdoor market, you are bound to stick to these ways of being active because they are so fun to do.

Choose activities you enjoy most and get to moving! It’s the perfect time of year to embrace and maintain a healthier (and more joyful!) lifestyle. Wishing you loads of active outdoor fun!

What are your favourite ways to be active outdoors? Let me know below!

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