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  1. Thanks for the 12 ways. I practise most of them, but I’ll challenge myself to stop being negative for a day.
    One of the things I do is to choose one of the senses for a week and check in – what am I grateful for that I can see ? Maybe just choose 1, restrict it to in this room, on my walk, in the kitchen.( Started this when I developed cataracts and lost my sense of smell at the same time. Both resolved now . ) 🌹

    1. Amanda @ Tulip & Sage says:

      Thanks, Susan! I love this idea – such a great way to not only practice gratitude but mindfulness as well! Happy to hear you’re better now ♡

  2. Nice ideas!
    Everyday I make a promise to not say, think or act in a negative way. Abs everyday I slip up! BUT with awareness I’m becoming more positive and so much more grateful so it’s still a big improvement. Thanks for sharing this…

    1. Thanks so much, Amanda ♡
      So true – awareness makes such a difference!

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