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Welcome back to another Weekly Wishlist, where I share the items I’ve been swooning over lately! I recently came across some of the new arrivals at H&M and found some super cute pieces. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Welcome to the Weekly Wishlist, where I share the items I've been swooning over lately!  This week features some of my favourite new arrivals to H&M! #favouritethingslist #favouritethings #weeklyroundup #tulipandsage

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1 – Textured Top – the decorative buttons on the back of this relaxed fit top are such a cute touch

2 – Denim Shirt Dress – Denim + Puff Sleeve + A defined waist = love at first sight! 🥰

3 – Slim Ankle Jeans – I like the washed denim gray on these. They can go from a day to evening look so effortlessly

4 – Tie-hem Blouse – How cute is this powder pink blouse??

5 – Tie Belt Dress – Loving the pretty green colour on this dress, and it comes with a removable tie belt at the waist

6 – Balloon-sleeved Dress – what can I say? I’m a bit of a sucker for a balloon-sleeved anything. And this little black dress with multicoloured accents caught my eye

7 – Slingbacks – I looove the colour on these slingbacks

8 – Faux Leather Skirt – I like the midi length and high waist on this faux leather skirt. This also comes in a light brown if you’re interested!

9 – Wide-leg Twill Pants – I’m loving the classic look of these beautiful wide-leg, and soooo versatile, pants

10 – Airy Scarf – here’s a pretty floral scarf – a perfect addition to any springtime wardrobe

11 – Pleated Dress – This dress immediately caught my eye because of its colour! How lovely is this soft blue?? Isn’t it the P-E-R-F-E-C-T dress to wear to an easter get-together this spring?? btw…this one also comes in a powder pink, which is equally as pretty

12 – Double-breasted Jacket – I’m such a fan of these jackets because they can completely transform any outfit. Throw this over top everything and you’re already looking more put together. I’m loving the pretty light beige colour on this one. Although it’s a jacket, it’s got a light spring feel.

13 – Sandals – I’ve been looking for a new pair of sandals and found these lovely ones in black. These beauties also come in beige and neon pink

14 – Satin Boat-necked Blouse – I’m always on the lookout for simple neutral-coloured blouses. They pair well with almost anything, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. The boat-neck on this one is soo elegant!

15 – Viscose Shirt – I looove the colour combo and pretty floral pattern on this top


Let’s chat! What’s your favourite item on this weekly wishlist??

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